Ocaso Coffee Farm

Who we are

Ocaso Sustainable Coffee is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of Specialty Coffee.

Ocaso Sustainable Coffee is produced in Salento, Quindio – Colombia. Our philosophy is one of single-origin. Our coffee is also a shade-grown, and undergoes a mostly organic process in which once the coffee has been carefully hand-selected by local single mothers, it undergoes a detailed, controlled ripening process. This is why our 9 editions are high-profile products.

What we do

Shade-grown Coffee: Double shade, double experience

Our location including height, weather and topography allow us to produce a shade-grown Coffee with the remarkable aroma and flavour of Ocaso Sustainable Coffee. Double shading means having diffetente height trees in between the Coffee Plantation. We have more than 60 different tree species in our crops.

Usually shade-grown Coffee has better flavour. The shading technique improves the soil, air and water quality, it also allows a slower rippening process for the Coffee beans which increases sugar and acidity responsible substances production in them, obtaining a Coffee with a more complex body and flavour.

Finally, shade-grown Coffee has multiple enviromental benefits such us drecreased soil erosion as well as reduction in the use of pesticides and increased organic matter.

Ocaso Sustainable Coffee has 70 per hectares of land with 12 different especies in each one. These trees make up a 40% of the plantatuin shade. 60% of the fertilizer is organic and produced in our farm.

How we do it!

Coffee grown under double-shadow often tastes better. Shadow improves the conditions of the ground, air and water and allows the generation of micro-wheaters inside the coffee plantations to have cooler environments, which help to reduce the stress of the plantation in summer, allowing the coffee to mature more slowly, which results in the production of more sugars and substances responsible for the perceived acidity in coffee, giving it more body and a full and complex flavor.

SUSTAINABLE OCASO COFFEE uses 70 different trees per acre in its cultivation, having 12 different trees species in each one. These trees form three arboreal strata and generate a shade of 40% of the plantation. Likewise, 60% of its fertilizer is organic and produced on the farm.


Coffee Experience - Coffee Tour

In Ocaso Coffee Farm we open ous doors so you can learn all the secrets kept behind the production, processing, marketing, and preparation of the best coffee in the world. We have designed two type of tours: our TRADITIONAL COFFEE TOUR and our PREMIUM COFFEE TOUR.

Guided by our experts, you will experience the whole process of coffee production in the same way our ancestors have been doing it for many centuries. You will realize and understand how a specialty coffee is cultivated and produced. From the very moment the seed is planted until a sustainable cup of “Ocaso Coffee” is enjoyed. It is crafted with love!

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Hotel Services

Our hotel is located on top of a hill, only 4km from Salento (20 minutes by car or an hour walkin), with a unique landscape, surrounded by mountains and decorated by the murmur of a river passing by the farm 300 meters downhill. “El Ocaso” farm prides itself on having a house with over one hundred years with colonial architecture, history and tradition where the hosting service for a maximum of 10 people is provided. Our farm has large gardens with a variety of flowers and native trees and several hectares of coffee plantations. There are also several trails that go to a bamboo forest, a beautiful lookout and a crystal-clear river where you can enjoy bird-watching and discover the tropical rainforest flora and fauna.

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